Who we are

Along with our partners, CECA is committed to seeing that Uganda, and the world as a whole achieve the sustainable development goal No. 13; Climate Action.

Uganda is set to start producing oil and gas in 20225, but it is known that the biggest contributors of climate change is burning fossil fuels, which generates gas emissions that trap sun’s heat, thereby raising temperatures. The oil was discovered in the Albertine Region, in western Uganda, which region is also known for its fertile soils. But would agriculture survive in the face of oil production.

Creating a better society for future generations.

Offering sustainable solutions to challenges caused by climate changes, and Environmental Degradation.

Our Objectives

  1. To raise awareness on climate change & the need for an immediate action to be taken.
  2. To advocate for environmental and climate action aspects to be addressed in all government, municipal and company projects.
  3. To promote and advocate for use and adoption of renewable energy
  4. To offer solutions to dangers or challenges caused by environmental degradation.
  5. To equip communities with the ability to plan for, survive, recover from, and even thrive in the changing climatic conditions.
  6. To advocate for a clean and safe environment.
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